Sub-bottom profiling (SBP)

Sub-bottom profiling (SBP)

Sub-bottom profiling (SBP)

Fragment of LF SBP profile

Fragment of LF SBP profile

By now AMIGE have performed more than 50,000 linear kilometers of SBP on the shelf of the Arctic Seas.

Sub-bottom profiling is carried out in LF and HF mode.
Low Frequency (LF) sub-bottom profiling

This survey is performed with Sparker equipped with electric spark device. The depth of towing may be various: both subsurface and deep one depending on depressors used.


LF SBP equipment specifications
Equipment features LF SBP
1. Modification Sparker
2. Energy source GITs: 1 kJ, 3 kJ, 10 kJ (Russia);
CPS-D2400: 2.4 kJ (Applied Acoustics, UK)
2.1. Repetition rate up to 5 pulses per second
2.2 Acoustic source 



Made-in linear multi-electrode sparker array; 


BOOMERplate 5813B mounted on

catamaran 5812A (GeoAcoustics)

2.3 Frequency 0.1-2.0 kHz
Receiving system  
3.1 Hydrophone array Analog piezoelectric streamer containing 8 elements (on 2.0m base) with preamplifier; GeoAcoustics Ltd., UK
3.1 Analogue processing Amplifier with TVG 


and band-pass filtering

Geopulse Reseiver 5210A

(GeoAcoustics Ltd., UK)

3.2 Data acquisition and digital processing system GeoPro-4 (GeoAcoustics Ltd., UK); 


GeoPro LC (GeoAcoustics Ltd., UK);

SonarWiz(Chesapeake Technology, Inc)

3.3 Channel used 1-2
3.4 Data format SEG-Y, muse SEG-Y
3.5 Storage HDD
4. Graphic recorders Thermal printers: EPC 1086-2-500; EPC HSP-100; EPC GSP-1086 


(EPC Labs., USA)



X-Star chirp profiler

X-Star chirp profiler

Operating parameters may be changed depending on particular geo-seismic settings and applications.
To study the upper part of sediment section (to 20 m below the seabed surface) high-resolution HF SBP is performed using X-Star chirp profiler (Edgetech, USA).

HF SBP equipment specifications



1. Name X-Star chirp profiler (EdgeTech, USA)
2. Towfish SB-216 SB-0512
3. Frequency range 2-16 kHz 0.5-12 kHz
4. Vertical resolution (typical) 6-10 cm 8-40 cm
5. Penetration (typical) 8 100 m 20-200 m
6. Topside unit Discover X-Star
7. Data acquisition and processing system GeoPro-4 (GeoAcoustics Ltd., UK)


GeoPro LC (GeoAcoustics Ltd., UK)

SonarWiz (Chesapeake Technology, Inc )

7.1. File format SEG-Y
7.2. Storage


8. Graphic recorders Thermal printers: EPC 1086-2-500; EPC HSP-100;EPC GSP-1086 (EPC Labs., USA)


NOTE: Construction of SB-216 allows X-Star (chirp profiler) and DF-1000 (side scan sonar) being joined in the same towfish (SubScan).