Engineering hydrographic and geodetic surveys

Engineering hydrographic and geodetic surveys

Engineering hydrographic and geodetic surveys including DGPS positioning are integral part of AMIGE investigations for various facilities to be constructed offshore.
AMIGE have available necessary equipment and instruments required to provide navigation and hydrographic support of marine engineering surveys all over the world.
In particular, AMIGE have its own single-beam echo sounders and multi-beam echo sounder Seabat 7101.

So, the first experience of multi-beam echo sounding has been gained by AMIGE in the south-eastern part of the Barents Sea in 1994. By now this kind of surveys competed within many projects performed on the Russian Arctic shelf (the Barents Sea, the Pechora Sea, the Yenisei Gulf and the Ob Bay).
Multi-beam echo sounding is performed for geotechnical surveys in the regions of oil and gas prospective areas, and for various offshore facilities to be designed and constructed such as marine drilling platforms, underwater pipelines, loading terminals, etc.

Multi-beam echo sounding may be used for a wide range of applications, including:

AMIGE marine surveyors provide support for drilling platforms deployment and drilling vessels positioning at the given positions with a help of high-precision satellite equipment. Processing of hydrographic and geodetic data obtained in field and report mapping is done using a complex of modern graphic work stations and special software.

In process of geotechnical operations AMIGE may perform topographic survey on the lands adjacent to the study area, if it is necessary. Also, AMIGE surveyors provide support of operations during seabed sediment transport survey and ice survey on the fast ice and drift ice.