Side scan sonar survey

Side scan sonar survey

Being a standard method of engineering investigations side scan sonar survey is performed for mapping the seabed for a wide range of applications, including identification of underwater objects and bathymetric features, as well as for detection of debris items and other obstructions on the seafloor that may be hazardous to shipping or to seafloor installations by the oil and gas industry.

Fragment of SSS imagery

Fragment of SSS imagery



Side Scan Sonar system specifications
Equipment Parameters
Towfish and control unit DF–1000, DCU


(EdgeTech, USA)

4200-FS, 701-DL


( Edge Tech, USA)

Acquisition system GeoPro LC


(GeoAcoustics Ltd., UK)


(Chesapeake Technology, Inc)

GeoPro-4 (GeoAcoustics Ltd., UK)

Discover 4200-SP compatible with SonarWiz.MAP
Carrying frequency 100 /400 kHz 300/600 kHz


at 100 kHz — 2 х 400 m

at 400 kHz – 2 x 100 m


at 300 kHz — 2 х 230 m


at 600 kHz — 2 х 100 m

Storage HDD HDD
Format muse SEG-Y or XTF XTF