Soil laboratory testing

Soil laboratory testing

AMIGE have own soil laboratory available at its office. The laboratory is provided with all modern equipment of Russian and foreign manufacturers (Whykeham Farrance) necessary for determinations of physical and geotechnical soil properties as well as for chemical analysis of water and soil water extraction. Wide range of soil test instruments and great experience of the laboratory personnel allow soil test performance in compliance with both national (GOST) and international (BS/ ASTM) Standards.

Soil compression test equipment (odoemeter)

Soil compression test equipment (odoemeter)

Triaxial compression chamber for soil testing

Soil test methods and procedures



Soil test for

Test method


Test conditions

Water content


GOST 5180-84


ASTM D7263

BS1377 Part 2

T=+105  2C

Unit weight

Cutting ring

Cutting rings of different diameters

Liquid limit

Liquid limit device

LL motorized device (Casagrande)

Cone penetrometer

GOST 5180-84


ASTM D4318

BS1377 Part2

With following drying under T=+1052C

Plastic limit

Rolling out

GOST 5180-84


ASTM D4318

BS 1377 Part2

Particle density

Density bottle

GOST 5180-84

ASTM D 854

BS1377 Part2

With boiling

Particle size distribution

Sieve analysis

GOST 12536-79
BS1377Part 2

With/ without preliminary washing out


With preliminary boiling (when sieving); Na4P2O7x10H2O
Strength properties

Direct shear test


GOST 12248-96
ASTM D3080
BS 1377 Part7
Consolidated-drained (CD) and unconsolidated-undrained (UU) with uniform rate of destruction (rate range from 0.001 to 2mm/min) and increments of tangent load

CU triaxial compression

GOST 12248-96


ASTM 4767

BS 1377 Part8


With preliminary water saturation and compaction

CD triaxial compression

GOST 12248-96


ASTM 4767

BS 1377 Part8

UU triaxial compression

ASTM D 2850

Without preliminary compaction

Soil compressibility

Oedometer tests

GOST 12248-96


ASTM D2435

BS1377 Part 6

Compaction with load increments

Triaxial compression

GOST 12248-96


ASTM D 4767
BS1377 Part 6

Sand density

Metal cup

ASTM D4253 – D4254

Loose and compact state

Permeability coefficient of sands

Kamenskiy filtration unit KF-00M GOST 25584-90

Natural water content and density,

loose and compact state of dry soil

Organic content




GOST 11306-83


BS 1377 Part3



GOST 23740-79



Oxidation (K2Cr2O7) and titration (Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 . 6H2O))
Soil corrosion activity to steel

Electric resistivity

GOST 9.602-05


BS 1377 Part3


Content and composition of water soluble salts

Soil water extraction

GOST 26423-85


GOST 26428-85


Standard chemical analysis of water


GOST 26449.0-3-85


GOST 4192-82