Oleg Penkov

Managing Director


Born on 2 June 1963


In 1985 graduated from Moscow Institute of Engineers in Geodesy, Aerophotography and Cartography with a degree in Astro-geodesics.

In 2001-2002 Oleg completed professional training course under the Federal Managerial Human Resources Training Program at Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation

Professional background

1985-2016: Land surveyor, Land surveyor of II Category, Leading navigator, Group leader of Research Vessel “Akademik Nemchinov”, chief engineer.

Oleg has more than 20 years of experience in conducting works at sea.

2016 – 2018 Oleg held position of Director for shelf projects at JSC ROSGEO.

Since June 2018 appointed Managing Director at JSC Yuzhmorgeologiya

Awards and titles

• Certificate of Commendation of Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation
• Honored Oil Worker
• Honored Prospector

Vitaly Khombak

Senior Engineer


DOB: 15 March, 1986


2003-2009: Murmansk State Technical University, Mining engineer

Experience and competence

2006 – 2013: Geophysicist, Head of Geophysical Team, Offshore Geophysical Party, AMIGE JSC, Murmansk

2013 – 2017: Chief of Offshore Geophysical Party

2018: Senior Engineer, AMIGE JSC, Murmansk

Honors and awards

Certificate of Acknowledgement, Murmansk municipality

Certificate of Commendation, Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency

Certificate of Acknowledgement, Rusgeology JSC

Dmitry Kostin

Ph.D. Chief Geologist


DOB: 18 June, 1958


1983: Tomsk State University, geochemical engineer

2005: candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, Ph.P. (Geo)

Experience and competence

1983 – 1995: Geologist, Geological Engineer, Lead Geologist, Marine Arctic Geological Expedition (MAGE), Murmansk

1995 – 2015: Chief of IT and GIS Department

2015: Chief Geologist, AMIGE JSC, Murmansk

Mikhail Fateev

Deputy Managing Director at large


DOB: 21 November, 1964


1983: Kuznetsk Industrial College, mechanical technician (iron and steel industry equipment)

1987: (graduated with honors) Omsk Higher All-Troops Command College, engineer (tracked and wheeled vehicles)

Experience and competence

1983 – 1996: military service

1997 – 2012: managing positions in various business entities of fuel and power sector

2012 – 2014: managing director of SG-Trans JSC, SG-Trading JSC, Khakassia

2014 – 2015: manager of fuel filling station, Omsk

2015: Deputy Managing Director at large, AMIGE JSC, Murmansk

Honors and awards

Medals and other plumes of rank.

Tikhomirov Alexander

Deputy Managing Director in Corporate Security


DOB: 30 July, 1963


1986: Murmansk Higher Engineering Maritime College, navigator

1989: KGB Higher School (now FSB Academy)

Experience and competence

1986 – 1987: navigator, Murmansk Trawler Fleet

1987 – 2015: service in state security bodies

2006 – 2015: federal service in the Murmansk region government

2015: Corporative Security Director, AMIGE JSC, Murmansk

Honors and awards

Medals (Jubilee Medal ‘70 Years of the Armed Forces’; ‘For Impeccable Service’, 1st class, 2 class, 3rd class) and other plumes of rank (the state councilor of 1 class, the public civil service of the Russian Federation), military veteran

Igor Emashkin

Technical Operations Department


DOB: 19 April, 1985


2006 - 2010: Murmansk State Technical University, Physical processes in oil and gas production; mining engineer

Experience and competence

2009 – 2015: driller’s assistant, driller, Geotechnical and Drilling Party, AMIGE JSC, Murmansk

2016: Chief of Operation Technical department

Olga Loginova

Legal adviser