HSE & QA policy

Policy of the Company is provision of a full range of services in the field of geotechnical investigations which meets the requirements of the customers and in a strict compliance with both International and national standards.

Quality management system (ISO 9001-2000) has been implemented in AMIGE in 2008. On 1 August, 2008 this system was audited and certified by the Russian Register. In 2009 compliance of the quality management system was confirmed with a following issue of appropriate certificate by Russian Register audit. In 2010 AMIGE was successfully certified for Quality Management System ISO 9001-2008.

In 2000 the Safety Management System of the Company has been successfully audited with a following issue of the appropriate Document of Compliance with the requirements of the International Management Code for the safe operation of ships and for pollution prevention (ISM Code).

Due to cancellation of licensing in building industry since 2010 AMIGE have entered in AIIS Russian self-regulating organization (www.oaiis.ru) with a following issue of Certificate 01-I-№0119 (Engineering survey permit with list of activities permitted) dated 2 July, 2009.

To improve ecological performance of business activity the Company provides regulatory compliance, environmental safety and sound natural resources management.